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It's about getting right more often...

You only get about 40 times in your life to plant a crop, and there is only so much that is in your control.  It makes sense to make sure you have the right technology to help you get seed to depth, germinated, and at the right population more often!  If you have stand issues, we can help.


The crops talk, are you listening?

We offer stand evaluations, planter inspections and custom planter builds to make sure you are able to fix whatever yield robbing problems your planter is causing.  Forget about the hype, listen to your stand and improve your revenue.  We can help.


Revenue per acre...

Chasing yield can be a fruitless endeavor.  As farms and equipment continue to grow larger, management of those acres needs to get smaller.  We can help you maximize revenue per acre by managing input location, hybrid and variety by zone, and mechanical tools to make sure each dollar spent is spent wisely and returns the most revenue to your bottom line.  We can help.

Our Tools

Precision Planting planters down force John Deere CaseIH Kinze meters FieldView

Precision Planting specializes in finding, understanding and ultimately fixing yield robbing issues that today's planters create.  Their equipment fits many of the John Deere, CaseIH, Kinze, White, Great Plains and many other planters. 

RowTech Cleaners

Residue left in the furrow or on top of the furrow can cause serious germination issues.  RowTech Cleaners are your answer to simple and effective residue managment.

Nichols Tillage Tools

Many customers have expressed concerns about the cost and longevity of their disk openers.  We found Nichols blades to have cost savings, superior bearings and the longevity equal to or exceeding OEM blades.

Pro-Stitch Closing Wheels

Closing wheels help drive germination by providing critical seed to soil contact.  South Dakota soils need a versatile closing wheel to crumble the sidewall and seal the soil to the seed.  Pro-Stitch wheels have been shown to do just that.

Planter Builds

Just like any good buffet, planter builds are best one scoop at a time.  Get just what you need with no compromise.  Have an idea of what your dream planter would look like?  We can make that dream planter happen.  Any size, any row spacing, any time.  We can help.

Photo and Video Gallery

Product brochures don't tell the whole story.  We'd like to show you some of our most recent projects and customer successes.  Ask us for references.

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